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Tuesday, February 02, 2010


Kayla is in pre-school and will start primary in September.

She's such a bright spark, always bumpity happy and full of energy. She's also very forgetful, distracted and clumsy... But she's doing very well in school so I think she is just demonstrating he personality and things of her age. I think sometimes we expect too much of her, not knowing anyone of her age to compare to, since she is so good in communicating we expect her to be more responsible and objective in things she does... But we've decided to try and be more patient and try not to fight with her so much, as I think we were fighting too much, because, like I said, we were expecting too much, we must remeber she is just a child and just acts her age.

I went for a meeting with her teacher at the beginning of January, I saw she was doing well at the tasks that she had to do, she does very well in language and drawing (I think she gets that from her mom). I was satisfied with the meeting, the teacher was very friendly, wasn't in a hurry to get it over with... Was good.

At home I'm trying to teach her how to read in English, we were off to a rough start, because I didn't know how to teach, but after seeing some examples on a site I can do it better. She is reading small words, she knows the letters and I continue to do learning games with her on the internet. I also write small words on a magnet board for her to read and have printed out some papers for her to learn to write big and small letters.

She's a lovely girl!


At 12:01 PM, Blogger Sunshine said...

Now that i´ve finished cleaning the drool off my desk... I can tell you how proud I am!
I´m so proud of Kayla, I think that she´s an intelligent girl with an amazing energy. You forgot to add how friendly and caring and sensible she is - yes, she gets that from her mom as well...
I´m so proud of you Quich, you didn´t start off with much but you´ve managed to build a home and a family that most people can only dream of.
The love and effort you put into your children shines in every one of Kayla´s smile.
You´re an inspiration of the mother I want to be one day.

Thanks for Sharing... Big Hugz for both of you... and hugz for the boys as well =)


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