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Wednesday, May 12, 2004


It has been quite a while since I wrote last, at the time I was 15 weeks pregnant and I didn't know the sex of my baby.

Now I'm 32 weeks pregnant (yeah, time flies) and I'm having a girl, hopefully to be named Kayla Thalita. Today's my last scan (I'm so anxious) and tomorrow I have a doctor's appointment to see if she's growing properly and if everything else is going as it should. She grew a lot these past two weeks, which is good, because the doc wasn't too happy last time, she said I hadn't put enough weight and my belly was a bit small... She moves a lot and lately she's been kicking and punching a bit harder and sometimes it hurts, it seems she wants out! I think I would also if I had so little space to stretch in! But it's nice to feel her inside and see how she moves about, I know I'm going to miss that after she's out in the world. Of course the weight gain isn't something to laugh at, my back, legs and feet feel it the most, and my knees when I have to climb stairs. But hey! It's worth it!

I started pre-natal classes and my boyfriend joins me, although it gets pretty boring for him to just sit there and not do anything for 2 hours, but when the time comes I'm sure he'll be very happy he went. Basically we just learn the breathing and the teacher/nurse explains things to us to help us prepare as much as she can prepare us for the upcoming event, she says the delivery isn't the worse part of the pregnancy, I'll tell you what I think in a few months!

Things haven't been too easy these past few months, but why be down about it? I have the Lord in my heart, a great boyfriend by my side and family and friends helping out where they can, whatever comes along we can make it through together!

Everyone has warmed up to the idea already, everyone's so anxious to see the little one face to face, sometimes I wonder if they realize what I'll have to go through for that time to come, no probs, sometimes I forget too :-)

The baby cot has been put together (done yesterday), seems the boyfriend is more nervous about all this than me, I ask "Why the hurry?", not that I don't want her to be born, but I don't want things ready too soon, then they stand there and catch dust, just another thing to clean, but it's good to see him involved and happy, if he's happy, I'm happy!

Mom&Co are organizing the baby shower (or stalk party), and steals my boyfriend when we go over to her house for supper, they're partners in crime! I know nothing of the event, they're really good at what they do!

The road this far has been more good than bad, we'll see what the road ahead has in store. I like the saying "When God closes a door, He opens a window" (or is it the other way around?), you get my point. Everything happens for a reason!